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Dear therapists and readers, 

We are excited to present together our first (E)-book to various therapeutic organizations. In the book, a new therapeutic model has been developed in which different healing modalities are used such as Reiki, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Healthy Living Style Therapies to treat the different disorders so that the organ can recover to a “Purusha” State. The different organ-diseases of the ICD-11 are divided according to an Ayurvedic 15-Matrix-Model, with the Reiki (Be)-Treatments in order to re-balance the disturbed Chinese Energy-Meridians. Through these unique Integrative-Health-Combinations seen from the angle of the Ayurveda, Reiki and Chinese Energetic Science, the sick organ as well as the patient is purposefully brought into Re-balance so that the (Self-) Healing can be set in motion. This book has for the therapists and the readers certainly a surplus value, and will contribute to his general knowledge, which he can apply in his daily practice. 

The book can be purchased in different chapters according to interest in a particular organ or pathology. The motivation to write this book grew out of the realization that health is primordial for everyone and contributes to happiness and well-being, but especially that disease prevention through the application of complementary medicine as presented in this book will lead to a better health policy worldwide. 

We both wish you much reading pleasure!

 3e (E-)Book – Anatomie & Fysiologie, Pathologie & Oncologie:

Beste Therapeuten en Lezers,

We zijn verheugd om u ons Derde (E-)Book voor te stellen. In dit (E-)Book:

Integreerden we beide(n)

Oosterse/Aziatische/Ayurveda/Traditionele Genees-Wijze/Kunde-Systemen/Mindsets, gebaseerd op Drie Doshas &/resp. Vijf SubDoshas Geclassificeerde/Classificatie van Ziekten/Aandoeningen/Kwetsuren/Andere Gerelateerde Gezondheid Condities, en

Westerse/Europese/Reductionistische/Moderne Geneeskunde-Systemen/Mindsets, gebaseerd op ICD-11 Geclassificeerde/Classificatie van Ziekten/Aandoeningen/Kwetsuren/Andere Gerelateerde Gezondheid Condities

TeneindeèTe Bekomen 25-Minor/1-Major Master-Framework,

TeneindeèTe Optimaliseren Inzicht betreffende/tussen de diverse Ziekten/Aandoeningen/Kwetsuren/Andere Gerelateerde Gezondheid Condities,

TeneindeèTo Optimalizeren Gezondheid, Geluk & Welzijn Purusha Status (S|s) (Macro-& Micro-Cosmisch),

Teneinde è Zo/Voor Harmonieus Leven & Relaties, Vrede & Zekerheid (Voor Allen Op Alle  Leeftijden) van Alle Volkeren/Mens-/& evenzo Dier-/Plant-/Microbe-/Natuur’s Spirit & Soul en/resp. Mind & Body

TeneindeèZo/For Zelf-Realisatie van Onderscheid en Bereiken van Bevrijding.


Beiden wensen wij U alvast veel leesgenot!


Download de PDF: