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Dear Therapists and Readers,

We are excited to present together our Second (E-)Book. In this (E-)Book:

First, we Integrated both

Eastern/Asian/Ayurveda/Traditional Medicine-Systems/Mindsets, based on Three Doshas &/resp. Five SubDoshas Classified/Classification of Diseases/Disorders/Injuries/Other Related Health Conditions, and

Western/European/Reductionistic/Modern Medicine-Systems/Mindsets,, based on ICD-11 Classified/Classification of Diseases/Disorders/Injuries/Other Related Health Conditions,

i.o. To Obtain 25-Minor/1-Major Master-Framework;

Second, we calculated for both

Diseases/Disorders/Injuries/Other Related Health Conditions, and

Cancers Related to Aforementioned Diseases/Disorders/Injuries/Other Related Health Conditions,

The Percentage (%) of Deaths Globally (based on 56.9 Million Deaths/Year),

i.o. To Optimize both

(Material)-Primary Health-Care Related(HCR) Prevention/Promotion/Protection,

(Material)-Secondary-HCR Risk Screening & (Un)Healthy(ness), (Un)Happiness & (Un/Non)Well-Being Prakriti/Purusha Status (Determinants) Monitoring, Dissemination & Uptake, & Early Diagnosis, and

(Material)-Tertiary-HCR Medical Conditions/Disorders/Diseases/Urgent/Acute Treatment/ Curation and ReHabilitation, Ageing-and-Long-Life (ALL), End-of-Life (EoL), resp. Palliation

i.o. Top Optimize HCR Policy & Management/Governance & Planning Programs,

i.o. To Optimize (Immaterial) Quality-of-Life (QOL)/ Intrinsic Capacity (IC)/ Functional Ability (FA)/ Life-Years-Gaines (LYG) Values Added, i.e.

i.o. To Optimize Health, Happiness & Well-Being Purusha Status (S|s) (Macro-& Micro-Cosmic),

i.o.  So/For Harmonious Life & Relations, Peace & Security (For All At All Ages) Of All Peoples’/Human-/&also Animal-/Plant-/Microbe-/Nature’s Spirit & Soul and/resp. Mind & Body

i.o. So/For Self-Realisation of Distinction and Attaining of Liberation.

We both wish you much reading pleasure!


Download de PDF: